Every American
Needs to Prepare for…



America’s trojan horse is set.

The left’s plan to push America into a socialist nation is finally coming to fruition right before our eyes…

But the greatest threat to our nation's democracy lies at the hands of VP Elect Kamala Harris.

Americans all over the country knew putting Harris into the White House is the first step to America’s ruin…

And when that finally happens, historian Niall Ferguson says,

“The California Democrats are at that point, in charge of the most powerful country in the world”

The lives of millions will change with the implementations of the Green New Deal…

Threatening blue-collar working families and eliminating millions of jobs across the country…

Our economy will go deeper into a long-term depression with Harris’ repeal of the tax reform bill…

Creating what the Hill said would be “The largest tax increase in American history - nearly $4 trillion” …

And our most valued currency will accelerate its path to extinction with Harris’ slave reparations…

Costing nearly $51 trillion, while tripling our nation's debt.

This is the America we’ve turned into…

And now with former Fed Chairman Janet Yellen being nominated as the new administration's Treasury Secretary…

There will be no problem for our government to print trillions of dollars in new debt to pay for these socialist policies…

Which is why Jim Rickards, the 40-year Government Insider and political operative, is warning every American to take heed to these warnings set to dramatically change their lives…

And prepare for the destruction We the People will face the next four years.

On January 21st, 2021 the United States of America becomes Harris’ America…

And it all starts with the first “puppet” president… Joe Biden.

Your warning begins in 3…2…1…

Dear reader,

Are you prepared for Joe Biden's America?

Because even though he’s mentally impaired, the simple and incredibly scary fact is this:

He’s now won the White House.

And this 110-page document from the Biden camp I’m holding details his true plans for America…

For you.

For your family.

And to be blunt – what I’ve found is terrifying.

Watch this presentation in full and I'll show you everything I see  coming, including…

And so, I ask you again…

“Are you ready for Joe Biden’s America?”

If you answered “no”, don’t worry.

That’s the exact reason I’m issuing this warning video — because there’s still time to prepare.

But you cannot wait until Inauguration Day. It will be too late.

Which is why I’m recommending my readers take five simple steps to protect your portfolio and your family ahead of January 20th.

I’m going to show you the #1 defense move to make right here and right now.

This is a move I’ve personally invested over $1mm in to protect me and my family’s interests.

It’s a move that will protect your wealth as Joe Biden and the democrats claw their way back to power.

I’ll also show you three popular but “marked” stocks you do NOT want to own come Inauguration Day.

I’ll also give you some details about a unique strategy that will let you use a crash in the stock market — which I’m anticipating — to make massive gains.

And, I’ll show you the stocks that I believe will soar based on the research I’m sharing with my readers so they have the best chance to profit.

Best of all, these are five moves you can start making minutes after watching this video if you take the right steps.

So if you never subscribe to my ongoing research or ever join my private community, please watch this video in its entirety, if only for a few free pieces of crucial information.

I'm going to show you how you can get weekly updates on what to do as Biden’s presidency plays out, how it will affect your finances and liberties…

Because my #1 motivation in sharing this with you today…

To help you prepare and preserve your wealth at this pivotal point in our history…

My Name is Jim Rickards…

If my name sounds familiar to you, maybe you’ve seen one of my numerous TV appearances on Fox, CNBC or Bloomberg.

Or maybe you’ve seen one of my five best-selling books.

Because of those, I’m best known as a financial maven and global event forecaster…

But because a lot of what I do is hidden from the public eye.

Few people know about my secret life as a “political operative.”

I’ve worked with the Pentagon, the CIA and National Intelligence Director to help protect our country from external threats. I even have the top-secret clearance to show for it.

I’ve fraternized with four-star generals and NSA directors like Michael Hayden.

I’m on a first-name basis with members of the Federal Reserve…

And since 1977, I’ve been plugged into the Washington DC political machine.

I’ve been a registered lobbyist, running public and legislative affairs for Greenwich Capital out of Washington D.C.

I’ve worked closely with Members of Congress to push through four major pieces of legislation into law that have shaped this country’s financial system…

I’ve testified under oath before both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

I’ve even been called to meet a Senator for a secret conversation one-on-one on the floor of the Senate when no one else was around.

On the national level, I’ve formed Presidential exploratory committees…

Conducted presidential polling operations…

I’ve been in the West Wing of the White House…

And was even a member of the economic policy team for John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign.

Today, I’m close friends with members of President Trump’s cabinet and political network.

I don’t tell you this to brag… but to let you know that I’m not just “some guy with a political opinion.”

My job is to use my experience and connections to scientifically model the data and  forecast what may happen because of it…

That’s why I’m writing to you today.

Right now, I’ve linked three critical dangers we all face under a Biden Administration…

Most people are totally unaware of these…

Starting with a stone-cold historical fact…

President Biden Danger #1:
Biden’s VP Will Become President Within the First Year

Now, I’m no doctor…

But then, do you need to be a doctor to see that Joe Biden is mentally impaired?

Does he have early onset Alzheimer’s?

Early-stage dementia?

Some other deficiency?

Let me ask you… does Joe Biden strike you as being “all-there?”

The liberal Washington Post doesn’t seem to think so…

They published a piece questioning his mental fitness saying “there is plenty of cause for concern”

And that’s why I’m confident that Biden will be removed from office using the 25th Amendment within one year of the election.

If you don’t know, the 25th Amendment is the part of the Constitution that removes Presidents who are unable to carry out their duty.

That means Kamala Harris would become President.

And don’t take my word for any of this…

The Washington Examiner said that a Biden presidency would put the nation through a a political psycho-drama without precedent…”

Then went on to say:

“…there is open speculation about dementia, and given the various scenarios this could lead to under the 25th Amendment, his presidency would quite likely be a source of the kind of anxious preoccupation…”

They even said that:

the Constitution could be tested to its limit, in ways we’ve never seen before…”

Biden has already moved to the far left with his policies in a pact he formed with Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party.

According to Cornerstone Macro, a Washington D.C. based research firm, Biden’s tax and spending proposals now total over $4 trillion…

But his VP is far further to the left than he is…

Senator Harris has advocated for:

If you think the Pandemic depression is bad now…

How bad do you think it will be with any of these socialist policies piled on?

Then ask yourself… what will the reaction be when Joe Biden is unable to carry out his duties or resigns?

How will the markets react if a President Harris came to power?

This is how every American needs to view Biden — a Trojan horse bringing in a far more radical candidate into the White House.

One anonymous Biden adviser says they’ve already had conversations with Biden about being a bridge to a more progressive candidate. They even called Biden, “a good transition figure.”

One American Enterprise Institute scholar said that the “Biden-Harris ticket is a trojan horse” with an army of socialists waiting to get inside the White House gates and wreak havoc on our country.”

Maybe that’s why The Atlantic says:

One way or another, that’s the situation I see playing out…

So not only are you prepared for Joe Biden’s America…

But what I’m really asking is…

Are you prepared for President Harris’ America, too?

Unfortunately, it gets worse…

President Biden Danger #2:
The Stock Market is Going to Experience the Biggest Crash in History Ever

Fox Business says “A Democratic sweep in the 2020 election would threaten the stock market's record-setting growth under President Trump”

And Yahoo! Finance says “Joe Biden would be brutal for the stock market.”

That’s why AdvisorShares CEO Noah Hamman said “a 25% decline is not an unreasonable expectation” if Biden wins.

I agree with that analysis… and it’s reason by itself for you to follow the steps I’m about to show you…

But it’s only half the story.

See, while it’s true that right now I’m predicting the stock market to hit a 25% crash after Biden's victory…

Do you know the real news the stock market really hasn’t priced in yet?

A president resigning or being removed like I just told you would happen.

That will be a major shock to financial markets — in addition to the negative reaction the markets will have because a Democrat is in office.

So, while a Biden victory is cause enough for a 25% decline in the stock market…

A Biden removal or resignation is cause for 40% correct if not more.

I believe it would be the fastest one day crash in U.S. history.

This is why it’s crucial you get out of certain popular stocks right now.

I’ll list those off for you in just a second so you can make sure to steer free and clear of them, because I expect they’ll be hit hardest.

It’s sad to see tens of thousands of Americans whistling through the graveyard right now.

They’re holding investments in their account that they have no idea pose a risk as Inauguration Day approaches.

Meanwhile, the story gets far worse…

The next 6-12 months will start a dangerous trend… all sold through one of the biggest lies in American history…

President Biden Danger #3:
Biden Will Destroy the Dollar with the #1 Lie in History

I started warning about this big lie in my latest New York Times best-seller, Aftermath.

But few people noticed Biden telling the big lie during a Democrat debate in February.

When asked how Americans would pay for a new $2 trillion stimulus package…

Biden said:

“Nobody will pay for anything… we will pay for it out of The Treasury…”

This is called the “free-lunch” fallacy.

You’ve probably heard someone say, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch…”

What that means is…

Someone, somewhere always pays…

In order for someone else to eat…

It makes sense…

But the democrats would have you believe we can all eat as much as we want for free.

Free college, free income, free health care, free retirement… everything free, free, free…

The lie is that it’s possible and that it will help the poor and middle class.

In reality, it will end in devastation and only help the rich get richer at the poor and middle class’ expense.

That’s because the only way to pay for any of these socialist policies is with more debt…

But how is debt created out of thin air?

The Federal Reserve creates trillions and trillions of new dollars and deposits them in the U.S. Treasury…

That way, the Biden administration can provide all of this free stuff to people…

And that could lead to one thing:

Inflation… and then hyperinflation… and then a collapse of the currency.

I’ve been warning of this for a while. In fact, one Senator who will remain nameless, called me privately onto the Senate floor when no one else was around to quietly discuss this issue.

Now, the Fed has already “printed” $1.4 trillion since the pandemic depression has started…

Yet, there’s been no inflation…


Well, the reason for that is pretty simple…

The Fed “prints” new money to increase economic growth by driving up consumer demand.

But nobody is consuming anything because of the lockdown.

That’s a demand shock.

But the virus pandemic is also disrupting the supply chain, affecting the supply of goods.

That’s a supply shock.

But today we have both a demand and a supply shock. And cutting rates won’t fix that.

USA Today projected the Fed to “print” as much as $3.5 trillion by the end of the year.

Yet, they can “print” all the money they want…

But if people are not borrowing it, if they’re not spending it…

It won’t work.

Let me explain…

Let’s say I got out to dinner and I tip the waiter.

And the waiter takes my tip and he takes a taxi home.

And the taxi driver takes the fare and puts some gas in his taxicab.

Well, my dollar had the velocity of three.

$1 supported $3 of goods and services: the tip, the taxi ride, and the gasoline.

But, what if I’m isolated from the world and just stay home, and watch television.

What if I don’t spend a penny.

That money has zero velocity.

That is exactly what’s happening right now.

So no, “printing” money won’t help this time.

But there’s a big difference with Biden and Progressives big lie…

Because their programs – whether it’s free college… free health care… buying up American products or massive public infrastructure programs…

All put money directly into circulation.

It’s the difference between giving you a dollar which you can decide to spend or save…

And the government spending the money for you.

As soon as the government starts spending the money on our behalf…

The velocity of money will shoot through the roof…

And that’s when you get massive inflation…

And a crash in the dollar.

One columnist who realizes this forecasted that “a 35% decline in the value of dollar could well be in the offing…”

And Bloomberg published his forecast with this headline:

When inflation finally kicks in, the cost of everything you rely on will get more and more expensive.

And that’s why this is the big lie…

Because the policy will only make lives harder for everyday folks by making it more and more expensive to live your life.

Meanwhile, the big corporations and wealthy bankers who get access to the government's money first… will be able to spend those dollars before they lose their value.

Look at this headline from Fortune:

Almost no one is talking about this threat.

Frankly, it’s something no one would’ve seen coming 12 months ago…

But I outlined this endgame in my book Aftermath on July 23, 2019:

“Progressive politicians may accomplish in the next two years what central bankers have been unable to accomplish in the past two decades — higher inflation.”

Combine a crisis with a radical socialist agenda… and this is what you get.

Most people will realize only when it’s too late.

The poet T.S. Eliot wrote, “This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but a whimper…”

And I believe President Biden and the progressives will launch the dollar’s last whimper…

It’ll happen in stages— like a frog boiling in water.

That’s why it’s important to prepare before it begins.

In fact, everything I’m explaining could start BEFORE Inauguration Day.

So you have no time to lose.

What Can You
Do Right Now?

Before we talk investments, let’s talk about you and your family.

To protect your family, I would suggest stocking up on essentials, just like I’ve done.

Make sure you have enough water, basic food, and toiletries to last at least 3 months.

This is just common sense given what we’ve experienced with the lockdowns. Restrictions on travel and purchases can get far worse, still.

Personally, I own a small lot of property in the mountains of New England…

I have dug three wells, planted abundant gardens, and built a significant greenhouse.

I have also installed the largest non-commercial solar power system in New England.

Sufficient to say…I will not be dependent on anyone to take care of me or my family…

Again, if you don’t remember anything I say, remember this.

You can’t count on the United States government to save you during this depression — especially under a Biden Administration.

Their own official document preparing for the worst-case scenario has already confirmed this, saying:

“State and local governments, as well as critical infrastructure and communications channels, will be stressed and potentially less reliable.”

That’s why I recommend you immediately take these…

Five Steps to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe & Protect and Even Grow Your Wealth Ahead of the Biden’s Presidency

Let’ get right into it…

Step #1: Buy What Goldman Sachs Called “The Currency of Last Resort”

As I mentioned earlier, the Fed is already planning to inject trillions of new money into the economy.

And I know exactly what will be their playbook because I’m no stranger to Fed.

I’ve even had a private conversation with former Fed chief Ben Bernanke a few years back, as you can see in this pic…

Forbes even wrote this article about me at that time…

I believe it’s pretty safe to say the Fed will “print” loads of cash to try to boost the economy through Biden’s socialist programs.

In fact, they’ve just shamelessly admitted they’ll throw the kitchen sink at this pandemic crisis. Check out this headline…

In other words, they will “print” as much money as possible to goose the economy and markets…

Like I said before, this won’t work because we don’t have velocity of money.

It’s much more likely we’ll see deflation through the election…

But once a new administration is in, assuming everything unfolds like I expect, all this government debt and money “printing” could lead to hyperinflation.

That’s why I recommend you have 10% of your assets in physical gold, as a hedge against a complete collapse of our currency.

Specifically, please write down this proprietary gold schematic:

And it’s why Goldman Sachs just issued this urgent note to its clients telling them to load up on gold.

Their report went on to say:

“We have long argued that gold is the currency of last resort, acting as a hedge against currency debasement when policy makers act to accommodate shocks such as the one being experienced now.”

Just look what happened in 2008, when the Fed started printing money to boost the economy…

The yellow metal exploded in the coming months and years.

That’s exactly what’s happening now, too…

Only this time I expect gold to go on a historic run…

The gold rush has already started…

As Forbes reported recently…

Gold has been on a tear in 2020…

It already blew through the $1,800 mark…

Some of the richest investors in the world are bullish on gold already…

Billionaire and Hedge fund manager, Paul Tudor Jones says,

“Gold will be the antidote for people with equity portfolios.”

Real estate titan and billionaire, Sam Zell said that he bought gold for the first time in his life as a “good hedge.”

Investor Ray Dalio with a net worth of $18.7 billion recently said he’s bullish on gold…

Predicting the metal to be a major investment asset ahead of a ‘paradigm shift’ within global markets.

If the wealthiest investors in the world are looking to gold, I believe we should as well.

These are some of the savviest investors in the world…

I recommend you do the same and have 10% of your wealth in physical gold.

I’ve personally invested more than $1 million in gold miners and gold-related holdings to protect myself and my family from a financial disaster.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know what’s the right way to invest in gold or who to contact to buy some.

That’s why I’d like to send you my book for free today to help you prepare…

It’s Called The New Case for Gold

The New Case for Gold Book

Inside, you’ll discover…

Here’s what reviewers on Amazon.com are saying about The New Case for Gold:

Juan A.

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The New Case for Gold lists for around $16 on Amazon.com, but I do NOT want you to buy on Amazon.

I want to be the one who sends this book to you, and I’ll explain how in just a moment…

First, I want to help you not only protect your wealth with physical gold… but also show you how to grow your wealth.

So let me tell you about my #1 mining stock to buy right now…

Because if I’m right about gold, you could make even more money investing in the right mining companies.

I already showed you how gold exploded after the Fed started printing money in 2008.

But silver went even higher. Take a look…

That’s why we could see some silver mining stocks explode in the coming months and years.

The good news is my team just uncovered what might be the last pure silver mine in the world…

A mine so rich that if you walk on the surface you might trip on pure silver.

It is literally coming out of the ground.

Better yet, it’s owned by a tiny company trading for just around $4…

I have to admit that this is the most exciting story I’ve heard in the silver industry in several years.

Because you could make 5x your money by 2023 if it  plays out like my research shows it will…

Just think about it…

With this stock trading below $4, it just needs to go up another $3 for you to double your money…

Already, news of this world-class deposit is rocking the mining industry.

Tom Azzopardi, A well-respected mining expert, had this to say about the finding,

“The potential is among the best in the region. Everything you could imagine and more.”

World-renowned mining analyst, Joe Reagor admitted that this discovery is “too unique” to ignore.

That’s why I put all the details in a special investment dossier called The $5 Company Behind the Last Pure Silver Mine in the World.

I’ll tell you how to claim this dossier and my book The New Case for Gold in just a moment…

First, let’s move on to step #2…

Step #2: Insure Your Portfolio with what I call “Crash” Contract.

You wouldn’t be able to sleep at night without homeowners, auto, or health insurance.

But nobody ever talks about how to protect your investments.

Did you know there’s an investment that can act as insurance for your portfolio?

It’s true.

As Investopedia explains…

“The best way to hedge against potential market losses is to buy put options.”

I already showed a small group of readers how to use these contracts to profit during a crash…

And they’ve reported some incredible success this year…

Like Josh A. from Miami. He said:


Josh A.

“I made 1,015.57% on ARMK (in 2 days) and 505.36% (in 16 days) on STX. TRIPLED my account value. KEEP 'EM COMIN'!!! It's nice to be in the green! I'm a believer!”

David Z. from Portland says…


David Z.

“So far it's turned $270 into $3,895. I’m really pleased with the great gains”.

And Mary A. from Chicago says:


Mary A.

“I made over 100% profit overall in about a year.”

These folks are using these contracts to profit from falling stocks.

That’s why Optimize Advisors President Michael K. recommends using this to protect your portfolio against further market mayhem.

It’s just a great way to protect your hard-earned money.

Which is why I want to show you exactly how you can use them.

I put all the details in another special dossier called My #1 Way to Profit from A Biden Presidency.

In this special report, I’m going to show you step-by-step how to use the best strategy to insure your portfolio for the upcoming election and crisis.

I’ll tell you how to claim it in just a moment…

But first, let me tell you about the 3rd money move I recommend you take right now:

Step #3: The Three Ticking Time Bombs In Your Portfolio

Markets haven’t priced in a Biden victory yet…

Which, as I’ve shown you, means markets could crash 25-40% when they catch up…

That means if you’re investing in the wrong companies, you could lose it all.

Remember, back in 2008 nobody thought that shares of popular companies like Lehman Brothers, Chrysler or Washington Mutual could go to zero.

But that’s exactly what happened. Shareholders got wiped out.

And if you think that can’t happen again, some analysts have already started to warn about sectors that will crash from a Biden win.

Fox Business wrote recently that “Biden’s proposed policies… would take aim at a number of sectors that have blossomed under Trump.”

They listed the following sectors, and I’ve personally added in the names I believe you’ll want to avoid through the election. Please write them down now and make sure you don’t own them:

Biden's victory would very likely slam these stocks…

But beyond these names… there’s an even bigger concern…

Companies that don’t have a ton of cash and are deeply in debt and exposed during this pandemic crisis could go belly up under a Biden administration.

That’s why I asked my team to find the most popular companies out there that could go to zero…

These are ticking bombs that are probably sitting inside millions of 401k and IRAs accounts…

Maybe even in yours.

I call this dossier Ticking Time Bombs: Stocks to Avoid During A Market Crash.

If you have any one of those in your portfolio, I beg you to get rid of them before it’s too late.

I’ll show you how to claim this dossier in just a moment, but first let’s move on to Step #4…

Step #4: Five Election-Proof Stocks to Buy Now

I don’t want you to get the wrong impression with this video…

I’m not just one of those doom and gloom guys who predict the world will end.

We’ll survive all of this just like we survived the Great Depression of 1929 and two World Wars.

And that means if you know which stocks to buy, you could make an absolute fortune on the rebound.

I’ll give you one name to consider buying ahead of January:

The iShares U.S. Infrastructure ETF.

If the government spends money on infrastructure under any administration — a policy that’s likely from both Trump and Biden — then this ETF should perform well.

In fact, MarketWatch says:

“Pelosi touts infrastructure as a possible bipartisan priority in next Congress”

So, you might even see a bump before Inauguration Day.

But beyond that one name… did you know there's actually a group of stocks that tend to go up if you buy them during volatile times and hold onto them for the long haul?

Companies like Chocolate maker Hershey’s, which climbed as much as 545% since the 2009 recession…

Or toy maker Hasbro. Had you bought shares in the midst of the last recession and held on, you could have made up to 638% gains…

Or auto parts retailer AutoZone… which in the midst of the last recession started a 1,061% run…

What do these companies have in common?

They all had high returns on invested capital. And for that reason, they not only survived the great recession but thrived.

Well, I’ve just found the top 5 stocks with high return on invested capital.

These are solid companies I’m confident will thrive in this difficult environment.

I’m sure you know, all investing carries risk and it’s impossible to win 100% of the time. So don’t bet the farm on the ETF I mentioned, or any of these.

But fortunately, with my 45 years in finance – and having become a trusted former economist, investment banker, financial warfare and working with the CIA, NSA, and Wall Street – I’ve seen it all.

So I  went ahead and took the highest precautions for you.

I put all the details inside a new dossier called Five Biden-Proof Stocks to Buy Right Now.

I’ll show you how to claim this report in just a minute, but first we still have one more step to cover…

And this might be the most important of them all.

Step #5: Protect Your Family Against A Complete Breakdown of Society

There is no way anyone can tell you how bad things will get as everything unfolds.

It’s a very real possibility that riots and mayhem will take over the streets like we’ve never seen before.

In fact, due to fake news and panic it’s already happening in countries around the world.

If you think it can’t happen here, let me remind you that just in the last decade we’ve seen riots in Virginia, California, Chicago, Missouri, Nevada, among many others.

I’m near Baltimore, so the images of large crowds rioting and looting are still fresh in my mind.

And, who would’ve ever imagined widespread looting in the streets…

Our nation’s monuments and statues being torn down by angry mobs…

Or our police retiring in droves?

Over the next year, I wouldn’t be surprised if we all see a rise in private security forces.

In anticipation, I’ve prepared a special dossier that will help you prepare for the worst.

Whether you’re concerned about a criminal break-in or a mob of angry protestors, you deserve to feel safe in your home.

So, I reached out to my colleague and ex-CIA operative Jason Hanson…

And asked him for cutting-edge strategies that will keep your family safe no matter the circumstance.

This is a man who served nearly a decade in the CIA and he even won the CIA’s Exceptional Performance Award, not once but twice.

And now he runs a 329-acre facility where he teaches evasive driving, pistol and rifle shooting, intelligence operations, and so much more…

So, needless to say, he’s the real deal.

And he helped me put together a special dossier called How To Make Your Home Your Personal Fortress.

In this report you’ll discover:

This is just a fraction of the many potentially lifesaving tips you’ll find in How to Make Your Home Your Personal Fortress.

You’ll want to share this information with your loved ones and refer to the report on a regular basis during the crisis to ensure your family remains safe.

So How Can You Begin Making These Moves Right Away?

I’ve already made all these dossiers available to a small group of folks just like you who follow my work.

You see, this situation is developing really fast…

And it’s really not enough to give you all the information and wish you good luck.

I’d like to be your guide during these difficult times.

That’s why I’m inviting you to take a risk-free trial subscription to my monthly newsletter called Strategic Intelligence.

When you do, I’ll send you everything I’ve mentioned so far… 100% Free.

My mission in this monthly research is simple…

To help everyday folks profit from “unthinkable” events and financial crisis.

Every month you’ll get a new issue packed with ideas and strategies that will help you protect and grow your wealth.

And I’ll keep you up to date and make sure you know exactly what’s going on during this election season and beyond.

New information is always coming to light…

And it’s important to stay plugged into the latest analysis and recommendations so you can keep ahead of the curve.

Before I launched this service, I had only provided this kind of service to my high-net-worth clients and members of the US intelligence community.

But with Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence, you too will have the opportunity to hear my best ideas on an ongoing basis.

And it’s important to note, this will be the exclusive place to receive my monthly issues and alerts.

This letter will not be available anywhere else in the world, at any price.

I’ve received countless notes from everyday folks just like you telling me how I’ve helped them protect and grow their finances.

Here’s just a small sample…

Geoffrey C. wrote recently to say:


Geoffrey C.

“Thank you so much for all of the investment analysis you have provided in Strategic Intelligence. I have found that your analysis of the economy and your investment advice stand head and shoulders above the rest.” 

Patrick N. also contacted to say:


Patrick N.

I can sleep better at night knowing when the s*** hits the fan, I will be making money and not one of the people scrambling to make it day to day.” 

We got a note recently from a reader named Ken F, he writes:


Ken F.

“There are only a couple of analysts I follow who really understand what’s happening and Jim Rickards is at the top of that list. He’s the most intelligent and connected person I have access to. I look forward to each [issue] and find myself in awe of almost every word.” 

Then there was the nice note from Bill P. He said:


Bill P.

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I’ll end with the stories of Mr. Condic and Mr. Getty.

They both lived through the Depression of 1929.

Their lives changed forever… but in very different ways.

Mr. Condic remembers how unprepared his family was when the first Great Depression hit. He said:

“Unfortunately, we lost the house. I can remember to this day - and I become emotional when I think of it - literally being placed on the sidewalk with every last possession that my poor mother had because she wasn’t able to pay the mortgage.”

His family was unprepared and lost everything, like millions of other Americans.

Meanwhile, Mr. Getty was prepared to turn the crash into a fortune.

When the DOW dropped 90% and other investors had already lost everything…

He bought stocks for pennies on the dollar… Making up to 100 times his money in some of those…

Enough to turn every $1,000 into $100,000 between 1932 and 1937.

In fact, he made so much money he never had to worry about money… ever again.

You’re facing a fork in the road…

The same fork in the road Mr. Condic and Mr. Getty faced.

I’m confident you’ll make the right decision for you and your family.

I look forward to welcoming you to Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence in the next few minutes.

Thanks for listening.

And God bless America in this troubling time…

Jim Rickards
November 2020