April 21st, 2017, 9:00 AM


"When this clock ticks to zero, it will trigger an event
that could effectively END the American Empire..."



January 1, 2018, 9:00 AM


"When this clock ticks to zero, it will trigger an event
that could effectively END the American Empire..."


Dear Reader,

There's a reason we don't speak Latin in boardrooms, movies or on the nightly news.

It's the same reason India is no longer a British colony.

And that the French and the Dutch no longer share huge tracts of Africa.

In short, it's because empires... all of them... end.

I'm writing you now because it's America's turn.

As a citizen that's served my country many times before, including advising the U.S. Intelligence agencies on matters of national security...

Believe me, I take no pleasure in seeing our empire crumble.

I don't want to see these events play out.

But the fact of the matter is this -- it's simply too late to reverse course.

>Because on October 15th, 2017... a Sunday morning...

In a room that hosts the world's most powerful financial elite...

Because on January 1st, 2018... a Monday morning...

The year when a long-awaited, fully scheduled trigger event could take place will kick off.

And you could see the already RAPID decline of the American empire pick up pace.

How so?

Like I said, my name is Jim Rickards.

I've spent the last 43 years studying the combined impact of exactly these kinds of events. For 35 of those years, I was both an attorney and risk analyst on Wall Street.

I've warned investors in two New York Times best-sellers... "Currency Wars" in 2011... "The Death of Money" in 2014... and my latest book, "The New Case For Gold."

Maybe you've also seen me making the rounds on just about every major network...


I've been showing up on Fox News, CNBC, CNN and Bloomberg.

I've even been called in to share my findings with the CIA, the Pentagon, and other high-level insiders in both Washington and on Wall Street.

Time after time, I've laid out the case for how our reckless Fed, the rise of digital cash, and our global currency wars... are already targeting the U.S. dollar and our way of life.

Most recently, I told investors to watch out for a very specific attack on the dollar that would take place on September 30th.

On that date, I said the world's most powerful financial body would release a new form of money, specifically designed to replace the U.S. dollar as the world's reserve currency.

That release -- we call it "world money" -- did happen, just as predicted.

And those are just some of the reasons that I've theously called for gold to climb as high as $10,000 an ounce.

Yet as worrisome as all that is, now there's something more.

A new development that still lies ahead...

And one that should alarm you more than all of these other events combined.

October 15, 2017

January 1, 2018

I promise you, not one American in 100,000 knows about this threat.

Let alone how it could shear the top off the U.S. stock market...

How it will cannibalize your retirement savings...

And why it's this event that could speed up America's rapid decline.

Before I tell you what it is, let me show you what it could mean...

Will this be the ultimate monetary apocalypse?

Not exactly.

In fact, it won't even be the first time we've seen a currency implosion in the past 100 years. We've had others — in 1914, 1939, and 1971.

What I am warning you is that this new "trigger event" in OctoberJanuary will speed us faster toward this next collapse, more so than anything else we've seen this year.

First it will amplify the trend.

Then it will knock way the final pillar that's holding up the American empire.

It's got nothing to do with our new President.

It's not a terror attack.

It's something far simpler, far less obvious.

It's a financial event that will make the end of the U.S. dollar -- and by extension, the end of our reach as an empire -- inevitable. And much sooner than most of us imagine.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect yourself.

I'll spell out three of them here.

All three are steps I hope to take too, for myself and my family. None of them are complicated. All of them could shelter you during this next phase of the coming crisis.

The first will show you how to hedge yourself and your wealth what could be a rapid backslide in the U.S. dollar. It could even show you an extraordinary eight-to-one return.

The second reveals how to avoid what could easily be another 2008-level wipeout in stocks. Specifically, there are toxic, well-known shares you'll want to dump.

Plus you'll see how to make money on the same downward move.

In my own career, I've made gains on falling shares as high as 3,000%.

Then you'll see a radical new way to get ahead of this "trigger event"... and the move to dethrone the dollar that could follow... by owning a stake in currency set to replace it.

This last move would normally not be possible for most regular investors. But I've found an original, accessible way to do it. I know of nobody else who's identified it.

The bottom line is, you don't need to feel helpless.

Not only can you use what I'm about to show you to preserve your wealth... and protect yourself, long after the fallout from this OctoberJanuary "trigger event"... you could get richer too.

That's what history's wealthiest investors always figure out how to do. It's what I want to show you how to do now. And once you're ready, there's more.

Including a simple formula I've worked out for gold buyers. It shows you exactly how much gold you should own, according to your total net worth.

Plus, what kind of gold... where to buy it... and how to safely store it.

(Hint:You DON'T want to keep it at your local bank or in a safe deposit box.)

Also, there's an extraordinary way to lock up returns as high as 30 times your money, if this coming dollar collapse goes as deep and as far as I expect.

But before we get to any of this, let me tell you a little bit more about where this warning comes from... and why I'm in such a unique position to help you survive it.

Who Am I To Say?

As I said, if you haven't already seen me on the national news shows, you might know me from my two New York Times best-sellers, "Currency Wars," "The Death of Money," and my latest work, "The New Case For Gold."

For 35 years, I worked not just as a lawyer but as risk analyst on Wall Street. I ran the market intelligence firm that exposed new global currency manipulation. In 2009, I testified in front of Congress about financial modeling and the 2008 crash.

But it's my work behind the scenes that gets me special access most others don't get.

For instance, maybe you remember Long Term Capital Management, the giant hedge fund that blew up in the '90s... and almost took down the entire world stock market.

I was the lead attorney on that case, called in by the Fed to negotiate the bailout.

A few years later, the CIA called me in just after planes hit the Twin Towers in New York. They wanted me to help scan the markets for strange, big trades... like big bets on airline stocks.

We figured it would help us expose even more planned attacks.

In 2010, I did something similar involving New Scotland Yard. We used my risk models to uncover a terror plot in London, just days before it was about to happen.

And in 2009, I got called in for a closed-door meeting at the Pentagon... to create and oversee their first ever "financial war game" simulation... to expose security weaknesses in U.S. banks.

The good news is that my team and I "won" that game.

The bad news is, we were playing as the Chinese team.

Listen, the bottom line is this -- I've spent years cultivating these same risk analysis tools I'm about to apply for you today, in this presentation.

In all that time, the alarm bells have never rung as clearly as they're ringing now.

You'll need to understand the risks. You'll want to know what to do to get ready. And you'll want to do all of it well ahead of this OctoberJanuary "trigger event" and its outcome.

Otherwise, you could lose everything.

I'm in a unique position to help clarify that risk. I'm in an even better position to show you how to protect yourself and your family from the coming fallout.

Now let me tell you what this event is and why it could have so much impact...

After October 15th, 2017:January 1st, 2018:
Welcome To The New World Order

First let me ask you this...

When you hear the phrase "financial elites," who comes to mind?

George Soros, Warren Buffet, and Bill Gates?

Trump or Bloomberg?

They're rich, but they've got nothing on this crowd.

I'm talking of course about the group that runs what the Economist calls "the most powerful financial institution on earth..."

A group that's got their finger on the button of the entire global economy... and holds the fate of trillions of dollars hostage, with just a few strokes of a pen.

Maybe you've guessed, I'm talking about the heads of the International Monetary Fund. But what's that got to do with this "trigger event" warning for OctoberJanuary?

Consider, the IMF has 189 member countries.

And many of these countries would love to move away from the ONE thing that's made the American empire so powerful, over these last 70 years...

Not our military might.

Not our diplomatic reach or our ingenuity.

But nothing short of the current worldwide dependence on the fate of the U.S. dollar.

Up until now, it's the dollar that fills the central banks of the world. And the dollar that's used for just about every large-scale transaction between nations.

Even those doing business with partners other than the U.S.

You can't begin to imagine what huge advantages that's meant for us, as masters of that reserve currency. Or what a drag it's been on other economies at the same time.

See, dollar reserves come with baggage... namely, our explosive $19 trillion in debt.

Meanwhile, the member countries look at the IMF and it seems like an oasis by comparison.

They've got no wars or no roads to pay for, no welfare recipients, and no social security checks to write.

And nothing close to our levels of debt.

For the rest of the world, the IMF has the last clean balance sheet.

And the way they see it, it's the IMF -- not the United States -- that should hold the strings to the world's purse. With centralized money, a centralized market, even a centralized government.

The centralized money these other countries could use already exists. It's the "world money" I told you about earlier. All that remains is the vote to swap it into place.

This is what could follow the "trigger event" on October 15, 2017.January 1, 2018.

Here's How The U.S. Loses Its
Stranglehold on World Power

Up until now, only one country in the IMF's 189 member countries had enough power to veto a vote against the dollar... and lucky for us, that country was the Unites States.

See, the way the IMF works is each country gets a certain percentage voting clout.

Here, take a look at this chart...


As you can see, the U.S. is the only country with a percentage over 15%.

That's exactly enough voting power to veto any IMF proposal.

Up until now, it's why it's been easier for the U.S. to call the shots.

However, this coming year -- 2018 -- those quotas are set to "re-balance."

And they're going to re-balance away from U.S. interests like, say, keeping the dollar as the world's #1 reserve currency.

How so?

Two Simple Charts...
And the End of The American Empire

Maybe you remember hearing about the "BRICS" countries.

BRICS stands for Brazil... Russia... India... China... and South Africa.

Not one of those countries is a match for the U.S. on the voting floor. Or in the world economy. But banded together -- in 2018 -- they'll finally have us beat.

Consider, our share of the world economy has plunged by nearly half since 1960. We're now cranking out just 25% of the wealth in the world, each year.

The BRICS have soared in size, with combined economic might that's nearly triple what it was in the '90s... bigger than the size of the EU... and nearly equal to the U.S.

When that chart you just saw was made, the BRICS share of the vote totaled 14.2%.

At the G-20 meeting that just happened, it bumped up to 14.89%.

Remember you need 15% at the IMF to get veto power.

In fact Vladimir Putin himself said at that meeting...

"[We're] a step away from 15-percent blocking threshold. Without a doubt, we have to move forward to carry out an IMF reform..."

This is exactly the move that will get triggered in 2018.

The G-20 - including Obama and the IMF - gave a written promise to crank up the BRICS voting rights to match with their "relative positions in the world economy."

Allow me to translate...

The BRICS now run 22.4% of the world GDP. They now get just 14.9% of the vote in world financial decisions. They only need .1% more to get veto power.

Chances are they'll get more, as much as 16% or 17%.

So let's take a look at that same pie chart again.

And keep in mind, they only need 15% total to match U.S. firepower in votes...

The bottom line -- if the BRICS gain enough firepower to veto U.S. proposals... they could twist arms of the other member countries... against our interests. Once they've got that power, will they use it?

Keep in mind...

This is the same group that that was so anti-U.S. control; they launched their $100 billion "BRICS New Development Bank" in July 2015...

It's the same group that was so intent on skirting U.S. wiretaps; they launched a plan to start building their own undersea Internet cable network... back in September 2013...

And it's the same group that, at this most recent G-20 meeting, actually broke off and had a mini-summit of their own... to figure out how to force this vote reform.

They are not hiding their intent.

And this is NOT a prediction.

Or a guess.

This is a FACT.

And the FACT is...

The BRICS will soon have the clout they need to make this a very different world.

A world that's less focused on the U.S. as the #1 economic power.

And there's nothing anybody -- not even President Trump -- can do to stop it.

That's why I've chosen to forgo advising the U.S. Government, this time around.

Because it's too late for them.

Instead, I'm here advising you... my fellow American... on what you can do while you still have time... to prepare yourself and your wealth for the huge shift ahead. So what do they plan to do with all this veto power?

Kiss Your Dollars Goodbye

Every one of these countries is centralized, with socialist roots.

All of them make no secret about ending the reign of the dollar...

In fact, behind the scenes these nations are already maneuvering outside the dollar.

For example...

Did you know that Russia and China have already cut a deal to allow their currencies to trade against each other? Without the dollar involved at all...

Or did you know that India, China, Russia and 20 other countries have already setup lines of currency swaps that allow them to trade without using the U.S. Dollar?

After October 15,January 1, these nations will not have to operate in such secrecy anymore...

Instead, they'll have the votes... and new IMF "world money"... to make it happen right in front of everyone's eyes.

They'll abandon the dollar...

And put in place this new "world money"...

At exactly a time when most Americans are least ready.

In fact, I'll bet you...

Not One American in 100,000 Has Any Clue
What This Event Will Mean For Their Money

Why are so many Americans in the dark?


Unless you were born before 1944, there’s a good chance you’ve got no idea what it’s like to live in a world where the dollar wasn’t the world’s most powerful form of cash.

That status comes with huge benefits.

Benefits most Americans have no idea they enjoy.

Did you know, for instance, that 85% of all the transactions that take place between other countries… outside of the United States… take place in U.S. dollars?

Say China buys a dozen shipping containers full of French Bordeaux… they don’t pay with yuan or even euros. They pay with dollars.

If Canada imports a few hundred Honda Civics, they don’t pay with Canadian cash or Japanese yen. They also pay with U.S. dollars.

The same goes for England when they buy Saudi Oil… or Brazil when they import Swedish chocolate. As of right now, all that money gets transferred as dollars.


Because using one kind of money makes it easy. And dollars -- up until now -- have felt stable. That’s why dollars make up more than 60% of reserves in other countries’ central banks.

You might not know it, but we get a lot of perks as long as this remains true.

For instance:

The list goes on.

But what happens to those perks once the dollar’s top-dog status… just disappears?

Make No Mistake, You’ll Lose
Every One Of These Perks

When “world money” takes over, the first thing America loses is our #1 export. No, not cars from Detroit. Not shale oil from the fields of South Dakota. Not steel or movies or info technology.

As you read this, our #1 export… is the dollar itself.

That’s what we’re doing when we buy anything from overseas.

We offload tons of “stuff” from shipping containers… and send back hundreds of billions of dollars in return. That exchange only works while they still have faith in the greenback.

What happens when faith in the new “world money” takes over?

Again, simple.

Suddenly our VIP treatment goes away. We’ll have to line up for special deals and special access to markets, just like everybody else. And pay the same exchange fees for the privilege.

Translation: You’ll pay more. A lot more. For just about everything.

Here’s something else. Right now, more than 20 currencies also peg their money to the dollar. That means they keep their money strong by backing it with our money, parked in their reserves.

What happens when “world money” becomes the better option?

Bank vaults worldwide could opt to swap dollars for “world money.”

This could send a tidal wave of cash back to the U.S.

And you know what happens when there’s too much of anything.

It makes everything that’s there worth less.

Imagine paying twice what you pay now to buy a car, an iPhone, or gasoline. Companies that do business overseas could see every cost advantage vaporize. Will that bring jobs back home too?

Don’t count on it.

Because weaker dollars will make costs soar here too. You could see mass layoffs. Some companies will just shut their doors forever. They won’t have any other option.

Of course, that will slam the stock market.

As global investors flee, you could see stocks crash 50%… 60%… or more.

Meanwhile, what happens to the steady flow of borrowed dollars from China, India, and Japan? Nobody will want to get paid back in dollars. They’ll want “world money” instead.

You can imagine the shock and embarrassment, when a cashier takes your credit card and cuts it in half. Now imagine that happening on an international scale to the U.S. government…

When our politicians can’t borrow from overseas, they’ll have only two other options.

Either print the money… and risk even more inflation…

Or take it by theft, with Europe-style taxes.

Either way, you lose.

The Real Reason
“Savers” Still Die Broke

But maybe you’re asking… why now?

After all, hasn’t the dollar been dying for decades?

Yes, it has.

Take a look at this…

As you can see, our money has plunged a staggering 96%, starting with the day our Federal Reserve opened its doors. If you got that return from any other investment, you’d dump it.


And yet we’re used to this. We accept it. Of course, we tell ourselves, all prices go up.

It’s natural to pay $500,000 for a house that once sold for just $10,000…

It’s natural to fork over $40,000 in tuition… for a college that once cost $400 a year…

It’s normal to pay $5 for a Coke in a restaurant… or $60 for a ticket to a ball game.

Because that’s what paper money does.

It dies, over time.

In fact, did you know that there have been over 3,400 kinds of money that worked just like the dollar? That is, money that’s backed by nothing but the faith of the people who use it.

And guess what… every single one of them has failed.

On average, most didn’t last longer than 27 years. After 72 years on top, the dollar has already lasted for triple that lifespan. We’re lucky it’s still standing at all.

But how much longer can that last?

With a country as divided as ours… with our economy in shambles… and others joining forces against us… and with pitiful leaders adding debt by the trillions… not long at all.

Even without the coming "trigger event" in OctoberJanuary the stars are lining up for a dollar collapse. What’s different this time is that -- for the first time in the dollar’s history -- we’ve got an actual deadline.

A date when it could all go down.

And believe me, I’m the first to tell you that I’m not the lone wolf with this kind of warning.

Just look at how even the mainstream echo has started to echo a similar story. Here are the actual headlines from the papers that even your typical mom-and-pop investor would follow…

Point being…

The “Fix” Is In For The Dollar
(And It HAS Been
For a Very Long Time)

In case you think this is the first time there’s been a global conspiracy against the U.S. dollar… and against the middle class Americans who earn, spend and save them… think again.

Take what happened in 1985. German, Japan, France and the UK got together and "whacked" the dollar so it would plunge an incredible 51% over the next two years…

You’ll never guess who orchestrated that crash.

Not the Germans. Not Japan or France. Not the UK.

It was our own Jim Baker, our Treasury Secretary at the time, in a closed-door deal called the Plaza Accord… after the swanky Manhattan hotel where it was signed.


Because even though you and I lose big when money gets destroyed, weak dollars are like rocket fuel for the political and financial elite.

They make everybody spend and feel rich. At least for a short time. And I’m sure you remember what happened next. U.S. stocks took off. Real estate took off. Wall Street ruled the world.

Then it all fell apart.

The dollar plunged so fast that we needed another closed-door deal to stop it. Wall Street plunged 22% in a single day. That’s like a 4,000-point drop in today’s market. In less than 24 hours.

In short…

This Isn’t The First Time
Global Elites Have Messed With
Your Financial Security
Behind Your Back

How can you be so sure this attack on your cash won’t stop?

Take a look at what happened just this past February 26:

In a backroom meeting during the G20 summit in China, world financial elite agreed to another deal to crush the dollar. My insider friends call it the "Shanghai Accord."

Put simply, the global monetary mafia sold out the dollar to give a boost to Wall Street traders… and the political elite in Washington, D.C. and Beijing.

Remember, cheap money is rocket fuel.

Unfortunately, just like rocket fuel, it burns out fast. To keep the party going, they’ll have to keep making the dollar weaker and weaker… until there’s nothing left.

That’s not easy when the dollar is supposed to be “safe” money for the rest of the world.

Which brings us to the last big move...

Still Think Nobody Would Actually
PLAN To Crash The Dollar?
Here’s The “Smoking Gun…”

Buried seven layers deep… on the IMF's website, you'll find a 42-page blueprint that lays out this entire plan. It's titled "Enhancing International Monetary Stability" and it's so packed with jargon, you can barely read it.

But it shows-- in explicit detail -- how this move away from U.S. dollar reserves, and into this new form of “world money” could take place.

What could possibly make new “world money” more attractive than the dollar?

Remember, while the idea of one central bank and one central money might sound like a catastrophe to you and me... it's a financial utopia for the newly-empowered other IMF nations.

And no surprise, it's the IMF that just backed the release of this new replacement "world money," earlier this fall.

That's no coincidence.

Make no mistake, this isn't just a minor financial blip.

It's the start of a new world order.

With America less in command of its own fate than ever before.

You think Congress is bad?

Imagine getting clearance from the IMF the next time we want to build a new fighter jet, fix our bridges, or bail out our banks…

Medicare and Social Security are a disaster. Obamacare is headed in the same direction. Can you imagine what happens when the IMF decides how to “fix” those budgets instead?

Because that’s where we’re headed.

As I said, these are the same kinds of steps I’m ready to take myself -- you should consider doing the same. Just make sure you do it soon, while you still can

The World You’ll Wake Up To
After the "Event"

Let’s be clear, in the days just after this October 15th event, you’ll wake up to a world that seems not so different.

Let’s be clear, in the days just after this January 1st event, you’ll wake up to a world that seems not so different.

Traffic lights will still flash. Grocery stores will still take your money. Your ATM card will still work. A lot of the crisis will still lie ahead, as we await the shift in power. Maybe you’ll notice a tick upward in the price of milk. But no big deal.

It will still be an anticipatory threat. But as the world starts to "get it," get ready for a multiplier effect.

By the end of the week, maybe you'll see the prices jump at the gas station too.

With dollars getting weaker, everything will soon cost more to pick, ship or stock. Soon you'll pay a little extra for apples at the fruit stand. At the coffee shop, they'll tack another quarter on the price of a latte.

Online prices will go up when you buy anything tech, because all that's imported. And it costs more to get it out for delivery. On Wall Street, all kinds of ledgers will start to ooze red.

The multi-nationals will get hit first.

And that’s where the crisis will accelerate…

As dollars lose clout, paying an overseas workforce will lose luster… sweetheart import deals will dry up… and so will international tax treaties… until “cheap” goods no longer exist for Americans.

With borders closing and prices soaring at home, companies will shutter their factories. Decades of job “gains” will vaporize.

On Wall Street, frustrated investors throw in the towel. In Washington, the Treasury holds a sale on U.S. debt -- and nobody shows up. Leaving no choice but to hike tax rates higher.

In short, the rules will get rewritten… right before your eyes.

Still think it’s impossible for the whole system to “reset” so quickly? Think again.

Because it’s happened before.

Consider the clear-cut meltdown of 1914, just after a bullet felled Archduke Ferdinand. That too signaled a sudden shift in power. Before a single World War I soldier even hit the ground, the world financial markets imploded.

Bank runs seized over 50 countries. Stocks everywhere started to plunge. The Bank of England froze all withdrawals. And European exchanges halted all trading.

Even the NYSE closed down from July 30 to December 12.

That’s nearly five months with no access. What would you do if you couldn’t access your 401(k) statements for two months… a month… or even a week… as the financial world collapsed?

Keep in mind, all this happened when most countries still HAD the gold standard backing their cash. And when there was no Internet or around the clock trading to help the crisis go “viral.”

Today we’ve got digital cash that can disappear with a mouse click. We’ve got 24-hour trading so the pressure never lets up. And we’ve got global banking, for a more massive tide of selling.

Imagine getting cut off -- not just from your retirement statements -- but from your day-to-day cash accounts, the way they did in Greece… with no money to cover even a few days at a time.

Imagine watching helplessly as your 401k goes to zero in a matter of hours… or imagine grocery stores with jammed checkout lines and empty shelves, as far as the eye can see…

Will I get another “emergency” call from the Fed, like I did in 1998? Will the CIA tap me in to look for market anomalies, the way they did after 9/11? Will I get a call from the Pentagon?

I really can’t say.

All I can tell you is I don’t want to wait to find out.

As I said, I’m taking three steps to protect my family and our money.

Let me show you what those steps are now…

Load Up On Real Gold
Before It Hits $10,000 an Ounce

This first step is pretty much a slam dunk -- you want to get gold.

As soon as you can, using a very simple formula to determine how much you should get.

I’ll show you this formula in just a second -- it works if you’ve got $5,000 or $5 million.

But first, let me just reassure you that you won’t be alone in making this move.

Take billionaire investor George Soros. Love him or hate him, he’s a master at getting rich during busts. And what’s he doing now? He just dumped a third of his U.S. stocks and staked $264 million on gold.

Then there’s billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller. He’s worth $4.4 billion. And his hedge fund has never had a down year. His career average return is 30% a year. That’s incredible.

So what’s he doing now? Druckenmiller also just told investors to “get out of the stock market” and get gold. Today it’s the biggest stake in his family fund -- with reportedly over $323 million in gold.

How about John Paulson, who made $4 billion betting against housing?

Most don’t know he made $5 billion more betting on gold in 2010 -- and now he’s got another $1.2 billion gold bet in place.

And here too, even the mainstream press is catching on…

You see where this is headed.

And here’s the thing. We’re already seeing gold shortages, as investors get ready.

Take a look at his alarming chart…

Recently I took a flight to Switzerland to visit one of the world’s biggest gold refiners.

Our host put me in a black SUV, had me turn in my cell phone, and took me into one of the most secure and secretive locations in the world – a large Swiss gold vault.

He told me about his vault operations and explained how the bars get stacked.

The newest gold bars are date-stamped and stacked by the door.

Older bars get stored in the back.

He says that orders are coming in so fast… and his suppliers have to go so deep into the vaults… that some of the bars coming out are date-stamped from the 1980s, during Reagan’s term.

What you see in front of me is about $20 million worth of gold bars, filmed live in a secret location in Switzerland… inside one of the largest gold vaults in the world.

Why go so deep into the stockpile?

For one, gold sales to China alone are up 700% since 2010.

Our refiner host told me that China’s daily orders are so big he actually has to limit their shipments. And it’s not just gold buying from the Swiss.

China’s also soaking up 40% of ALL the gold coming out of the ground.

What’s more, Beijing just bought a London vault that can hold 2,000 more tons of gold bullion.

Again, that’s just China.

Russia’s buying at record levels too.

As are other central banks around the globe.

What do they see coming that maybe you don’t?

Even worse, what happens if you wait too long – until there’s no gold left to get?

Gold’s already soaring, well ahead of the transfer in global financial clout.

You Have To Ask Yourself, How High Will Gold Prices Go Once We Pass That Milestone?

Like I’ve said more times than I can count…

To viewers of the BBC, CNN, NPR, CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox, and in interviews with the Wall Street Journal … and in my latest book, “The New Case For Gold”

You could see gold prices soar as high as $10,000 an ounce.

How’s that possible? I lay out the exact details in The New Case For Gold . I’d like to send you a free copy so you can see for yourself.

The bottom line is that, if supplies are tight -- and I just showed you they are -- the price has to go up. After a dollar crash, they have to swell high enough to shore up our money supply.

At today’s level… and after years of non-stop money printing… $10,000 gold looks like the “safe” bet. As you’ll see in my book, some say it could go as high as $50,000.

Even at my number you’re looking at a seven-to-one jump… at 632% above today’s price.

How do you know what to buy? You could get 400-ounce gold bars. You could buy one kilo bars. Or you could do what makes the most sense for most people, which is to buy gold coins.

The U.S Mint sells American Buffaloes and American Gold Eagles. Both hold exactly an ounce of gold. But I like the Eagles, because they also have an added alloy for durability.

How much should you get? It’s a simple calculation.

I tell anybody who listens to take 10% of whatever they’ve got set aside, whether that’s $5,000 or $5 million and put that in physical gold. That’s enough to build a foundation.

As good as that is, there’s still more.

Like the one investment many will turn to when they get cut off from physical gold, during the coming shortages. Plus, how to lock in your on claim on royalties from rising gold sales.

Or the five easy places to park your wealth, away from the political fray… with even greater protection than gold, when it comes to potential government wealth confiscation.

And how to lock in gold and silver ownership for tomorrow at a low fixed price. It’s like getting a special “call option” on the rising price of gold and silver with a long-haul expiration date.

Plus, income streams with a built in hedge against a crashing dollar. As cash unravels, these income streams should go up. You can own a percentage stake as they do.

You can find all these moves in a special bonus chapter of my book, The New Case For Gold.

You won’t get this special chapter from the copies they sell in bookstores or on Amazon.com.

But my publisher can send you my special edition -- with the bonus chapter included -- absolutely free. It could be the most valuable gift you’ve ever received.

I expect these five bonus moves alone to show you at least a double… and that’s even if gold only rises another 15% above today’s price. Two of the moves could triple or quadruple from here.

If we see the full collapse I expect, you could see an extraordinary 30-to-1 return.

You’ll see how in your special edition copy of “The New Case For Gold.”

If you accept the terms, my publisher will give you a free copy.


You’ll also see why today’s digital money poses a special NEW threat… as the final phase in a hundred-year “plot” to confiscate private wealth.

Plus, I show you the 5 “must-have” requirements you want to demand from any gold storage provider… and the single best way to avoid getting your gold confiscated…

I can also show you how to counter the six phony arguments against gold… and a foolproof way to prevent your bank from withholding your cash, when the crisis hits the fan.

Normally, my new book would cost you $25 in a bookstore. Or you could pay $16 on Amazon. As I said -- and with your permission -- I want you to have a copy, absolutely free.

All I need is a valid mailing address here in the U.S.

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But I’ll let the reviews speak for themselves…

“[Rickards] present[s] compelling evidence that many of the world’s leading monetary authorities implicitly, at least, treat gold as — quite possibly in the future, the key — money.”

The New Case for Gold reminds us that wayward policies bring about a search for money that is good as gold. What better than gold itself?”
Wall Street Journal

“This excellent book proves that, contrary to the propaganda of fiat currency apologists, gold is real money. Rickards makes a compelling case for why those looking for a way to protect themselves and their families from economic chaos created by central bankers should consider gold.”
—Ron Paul, former Congressman and Presidential candidate

“In his latest book, James Rickards gifts us once again with his clarity of prose, depth of experience and sound analysis. The New Case for Gold discards tired and politically driven criticisms of gold, instead offering an illuminating, original argument for gold as a critical contender in today's money games. The most important book on gold yet.”
—Nomi Prins, author of All The Presidents’ Bankers

“We can’t trust the Federal Reserve to do the honest work that Jim Rickards has done in writing this book. When the monetary system finally fails, there will be a flight to the only money that’s left in the system—and that will be gold. Essential reading.”
—David A. Stockman, Former OMB Director and author of The Great Deformation

The one thing you DON’T want to do is wait too long.

Consider, even if the biggest gold-buying institutions went from a 1.5% gold allocation to a 5% gold allocation… which is still lower than what I recommend…

There’s already not enough gold to meet that demand, at today’s prices.

And believe me, many of the insiders I know have got their eyes locked on the exact same power shift ahead. You do not want to get short once demand really takes off.

All the proof you need… plus all the steps you’ll want to take… are laid out in your free copy of my book. Let me hear from you while I’ve still got copies I can give away.

Once you do, there’s another step you’ll want to take -- as soon as possible.

Get Out Ahead of the
Collapsing Market

In a widespread collapse, it’s only natural for millions of investors to get completely taken by surprise. Usually, there’s no clear alarm bell going off. Usually, there’s no calendar deadline.

Even I could have missed the signals in 2008, if I hadn’t spent years developing my risk models and other tools. I could have lost a fortune on the crash of the dotcoms in 2000.

Instead I was able to use a special trading tool I developed to pick up 3,000% on the spectacular crash of WorldCom, the now-defunct telecom giant.

In 1998, I was one of the few who knew how close we came to a global shutdown for stock markets… but only because I had a ringside seat, as lead attorney for the LTCM bailout.

My point being, even when you know what you’re doing… a full-on stock market wipeout can take you by surprise. And we’re seeing these megabusts, on average, every five to eight years.

We’re now eight years out from the last major downturn.

Meanwhile, these global monetary busts come around every 30 to 40 years. And guess what… we’re already out 45 years from the last major money collapse, in 1971.

Today, with even more debt on the table… even more derivatives lurking in the shadows… and even bigger “too-big-to-fail” banks than the last time around… does that feel safe to you?

My risk models say dollar-based savings accounts and money markets alone could shed up to 80% of their purchasing power. And your stocks could plunge 70%.

In fact, one in every two IRAs could go up in flames.

That’s why you need to be absolutely sure you’re as prepared as I plan to be.

To help you do that I’ve got two more resources to send.

You can also have them for free.

The first one is called One Stock to Buy and 50 Ticking Time Bombs to Avoid.

It’s going to show you at least 50 stocks you’ll want to be free and clear of, once the latest bubble on Wall Street comes crashing down.

I expect this to happen soon into the New Year, if not sooner.

When it does, these 50 stocks will likely lose half their value or more.

At a bare minimum, I recommend you check to make sure you’re not exposed to any of these 50 names. If you’re a more sophisticated investor, you might even want to short them.

Even one of these shares in your portfolio is like holding a grenade without the pin.

At the same time you’ll want to own the one must-buy I name in the same report.

It gives you a claim on special “streaming contracts” to buy gold for as little as $400 an ounce… and silver as low as $4 an ounce. These deals are already locked into place, which could send these shares skyrocketing as metals price start to soar.

As bad as things could get, the good news is that some of the biggest fortunes have been made during downturns. Think of people like oil man J. Paul Getty, who bought depressed oil stocks during the Great Depression. He made so much money, Fortune named him the “richest living American” in 1957.

Or George Soros, who made $1.5 billion in a month on a crash of the English pound… and John Paulson who, as we said, made $4 billion during the mega market crash of 2008… That’s why I also want to send you another one of my books… my 263-page work, The Big Drop. It shows you exactly how to get your money to safety.

When we first released it -- in a limited edition -- you couldn’t get it on Amazon or in any bookstore. It was so popular, my publisher begged me to update it. This is the result.

Nobody has seen this new version. You’ll be the first.

Inside, you’ll get a brand new blueprint for how to save and grow more of your wealth… during what could be the biggest financial crisis that Wall Street or America has ever faced.


Plus, this book also comes with a special legacy chapter you can’t get anywhere else.

It shows you …

That’s just a glimpse.

Again, this second book I’ll send is called “The Big Drop”.

Between that and my report on the top 50 toxic stocks, you should have more than enough to help you escape the massive losses I see ahead.

That alone could be worth thousands of dollars to regular savers and investors.

But The Big Drop is also yours free.

It’s worth it to me if I can help you protect more of your money from scheming banks… manipulative government planners… and dishonest money advisors.

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In short, this is the ONLY way in the world for you to hedge your wealth against this OctoberJanuary "trigger event" and the greater shift to "world money" reserves that will follow… by letting you shift some of your own dollars into this new elite asset.

Get Your Own “World Money”
While You Can

As I said, right now there is no official way for you to own “world money” yourself, even as it starts to flood into the coffers at the world central banks. As it stands right now, this new cash is ONLY for the financial elite.

And yet, once this new form of global money takes over as the world’s top form of cash… it also becomes a potentially huge hedge against the downward spiral of the dollar.

And I firmly believe it’s only a matter of time before this takes place.


In short, the rest of the world is already getting ready for the switch to “world money.”

Shouldn’t you be?

Like I said, you can’t officially own this new kind of “world money” yourself. Even though it's already winning backers in the world's central banks.

However, I’ve put together a way to own an “unofficial” stake in its future.

Not only is this “unofficial” way perfectly legal, it’s the ONLY way I know of for any private citizen to get access.

And you don't have to wait for the deadline. You can get into place right now, with a few clicks of your mouse.

As you read this, I happen to have the only private link in the world that will get you in.

I’d love to lay it all out for you here, but it’s worth going into more detail.

That’s why I’ve written it all up for you instead, in another brand new report called “The Only Way to ‘Own’ the New World Money.”

Inside it shows you exactly how this works.

It’s nothing super risky, like trading Forex.

Instead, it’s a little-known kind of account that gives you an advance stake in the rise of “new money” bank reserves. This is the single easiest way I know of for you to do this.

It’s also the ONLY way, if you’re not one of a handful of world financial elite.

You don’t need to be wealthy to make this work. All you need is the private web link that gets you started. Only a tiny number of people in the world happen to have it. I’m one of them.

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I don’t get a commission or anything for sharing it with you. Even still, I’ll show you exactly how to set up this special “world money” account, for maximum exposure to any gains.

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You’ll have complete control of this special “world money” account.

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Altogether that gives you three powerful ways to protect yourself.

You’re getting a way to get OUT of the dollar before it crashes… to get OUT of the most dangerous U.S. stocks before the latest market bubble bursts… and to get INTO this unique “world money” hedge ahead of other investors… plus, the wealth protection of physical gold.

And all before the ’trigger event’ on October 15, 2017.January 1, 2018.

To sum that up…

That’s a lot of my best research. And I’m offering to give it to you right now, for free. No questions asked and yours to keep. Why would I want to do that, sight unseen?

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See, I believe you’ll need more than just a few short-term ideas. Because this new power shift away from American influence isn’t the only looming threat to your wealth.

Debt. Negative Interest Rates. Instability in China and the EU. Political incompetence, both here at home and around the globe. This is a long-haul transformation.

That’s why I want to build a long-term, quality relationship with the readers like you.

People who will take the research I want to give you… and put it to good use.

Again, I’m not a broker. I’m not looking to build my list of private clients.

I just know what it’s like to lose everything. And I know what it takes to prevent that from happening again.

See, I grew up in a family that had to claw its way out of bankruptcy -- twice.

Today I’m lucky enough to split my time between a luxury mountain home in the Northeast… a house on a private island in an upscale town in Connecticut… and visits to gold vaults in Zurich.

That’s not an accident.

I’ve dedicated the last 35 years of my career, building a research network and establishing the right kinds of connections. I’ve met with Nobel Prize winners and two former heads of the Federal Reserve. I’ve worked alongside billionaire investors and counseled Prime Ministers.

I’m not stuck behind a Bloomberg terminal in a Wall Street brokerage. I get to sit on the front lines, where the moves that shape markets get made. As a geopolitical consultant I get to meet the movers and shakers… and get a read on what’s really coming down the pipeline.

I don’t want to lose that.

I don’t want any other Americans to risk losing what they have either.

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I can’t really say.

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While events like these loom, the market won’t sit idle.

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In one more extra gift report, I spell out how it works. Including how you could see between 133% and 289% on the lower end… or sit tight for extraordinary gains as high as 1,233%.

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Let me know as soon as possible.


Jim Rickards
Editor, Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence
April 2017

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P.S. The way I see it, you have three options.

Either you cross your fingers and sit tight, hoping that whatever follows this October 15January 1st ’trigger event’ will be nowhere near as dire for the U.S. dollar and U.S. stock market as I say it is…

Just ignore everything I just revealed. Pretend it doesn’t exist. I’ll send your free copy of The New Case For Gold… and everything we talked about… to someone else.

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What’s your third option?

Well, you could always wait to see what happens when our new president takes the White House. Who knows, maybe he’s got an answer you and I haven’t thought of.

Though I doubt it.

And I certainly wouldn’t bank my future on it.

If you’ve got no interest in knowing how to hedge your wealth now… against this "trigger event" and subsequent dollar bust… against a market collapse… and against all the other bad outcomes I see in my risk models…

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On the other hand, I could just as easily rush you everything immediately… so you can start protecting and growing your wealth today. The choice is up to you.

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